Preservative liquid for biological specimen (Molecular Assay Plus)


DINASURETM is the next generation of liquid preservative relates specifically to the field of genetic integrity preservation in biological specimens for the purpose of molecular assays.


Depriving cells of the physiologic conditions of its donor for long periods of time, i.e., minutes, allows autolysis and apoptosis (programmed cell death) to begin. DINASURE TM conserve the life like form and protect the genetic components of the mammalian cells, bacteria, virus and tissue from degradation by nuclease. Moreover, placement of specimen cells in a saline solution does not address some auxiliary problems with such sample integrity and extended preservation of specimens often results in bacteria growth.


DINASURE TM, in one embodiment provides a medium for relatively long term ambient preservation. In another embodiment, the preservation solution provides a medium for transportation and removal of undesired proteins and chemicals from the sample solution. The present product is a totally new preservative formula based largely upon chemicals which preserve genetic integrity for molecular laboratory tests.





DINASURE TM are commercially available for preserving cell specimens in the interim between sampling and testing/analysis as follows:


1. Brushing ( Endocervical specimen for HPV assay, Oral and Anal specimen)

2. FNA (Thyroid and breast)

3. Bronchoalveolar Lavage (BAL)

4. Fluid (Ascites, pleural ,urine, CSF)