Preserve-Cyte Liquid for PAP test


The CYTO-Prep TM  is a preservative and transport media for liquid-based Cervical Screening Test (LBC- PAP test). It contains an alcohol based fluid to immediately preserve cells, allows rinsing the sampling tool into a vial of the liquid to produce a suspension of cells, from which a layer of cells on a slide is prepared. Mucus, blood and debris that often obscuring cells on a slide remove easily. Slides produced in this way can be read more quickly than conventional cytology PAP smear slides.


The main advantages of the preserve-Cyte Liquid is to reduce the number of inadequate smears and to provide enough cells for detection of infection like human papillomavirus (HPV), through molecular biology techniques. This remaining liquid sample can also be used for HPV testing negating the need for another cervical sampling and providing additional clinical information in cervical screening triage management.

When compared to similar LBC products, the preserve-Cyte Liquid has advantages of simple working procedure, standard lab equipment which make it cost benefit, more representative cervical sampling cells, clear slide background and high diagnostic accuracy offers great promise and potential in laboratories looking to adopt LBC technology.