Clinical Services

Papyab Teb Co. as a Public Private Partnership (PPP) pioneered the idea of comprehensive laboratories for screening program and diagnosis.

We recruit excellence for emerging diagnostic services through the most advanced and automated assays and expert team to execute healthcare programs and diagnostic requirements for public and private health center.

In our healthcare services the innovation and energy continue to be our inspiration for improving the life of people threatened by disease. We will join hands to take the novel and advanced measurements to help all people do more, feel better and live safely.

Padyab Clinical Services

Available Services

  • Screening
  • Risk Assessment
  • Prognostic and Diagnostic Assessment
  • Pharmacogenetics and targeted therapy

Cervical Cancer Screening

Protect yourself against cervical cancer!
Get screened regularly.


Cervical cancer (CC) screening is usually part of a woman's health care. We offer comprehensive evaluation of predisposition to cancer before you have any symptoms. As the role of human papillomavirus virus (HPV) in contributing to cervical cancer has emerged in recent years, screening for HPV has been advised specially for woman age 30 and older using HPV DNA test. HPV DNA test rival conversional screening test by the high sensitivity performance. We also offer Pap test as a gold standard exam for cervical cancer screening . You won’t notice a conflict in your exam if you have both tests.

Cervical Cancer Screening clinical services Provide:

  • HPV DNA Test: The most important risk factor for developing cervical cancer is infection with Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). HPV is so common that most sexually-active men and women will get at least one type of HPV at some point in their lives. An HPV test checks for the genetic material (DNA) of the human papillomavirus. We developed isolated molecular laboratories equipped with advanced and automated molecular assay devices to provide precise, cross- contaminated free and consistent results.
  • High risk (HR) or carcinogenic HPV genotyping: carcinogenic types of HPV also called High-risk HPV type are most likely to cause cervical cancer. We detected HR-HPV 16 and 18 providing high qualified quantitative instrument (FDA cleared devices) able to detection of minimal presence of HR-HPV.
  • Pap Test: The Pap cytology test check the sample for cancer cells or abnormal cells that could become cancer later. The cytology test done according to Bethesda manual.

Padyab Clinical Services

We are a global force, Operating in health centre in IRAN and abroad , with a fast and high throughput performance.

We provide all requirements for the sampling for hospitals, clinics and health centers even through far away sites.

We established Integrated Transportation System for biological specimens between collection sites and diagnostic laboratory.

We offer a web-services and special LIS(Laboratory informatics system) to track and monitor all through the process including the sampling , transportation and test performance.

Validation and Conformity of the assays precisely designed in line with WHO guidelines for human Papillomavirus and persistently monitored by Iran Reference Health laboratory.