About Us

Padyab Teb Co. was founded as the healthcare and medical diagnostic industry with the purpose of investment, development, manufacturing and distribution of diagnostic laboratory kits and biological products like cell, tissue and recombinant goods. Our value also included comprehensive diagnostic laboratories to provide clinical services as well.

Padyab Teb Co. has more than 7000 m2 GMP well-equipped area and clean rooms for manufacturing of high risk products and diagnostic services. We are inspired by a shared vision and mission to develop novel and high quality healthcare in the region. Partnering with international expertise and scientific community, we attempt to find solutions to the challenges in medical science and help medical diagnostic labs to obtain results simpler, faster and more accurate under license of global standards (IS0 9001:2015, IS0 13485:2012, IS0 10002:2014 standard certifications).

Padyab Teb Co. has been established National Reference Laboratories to increase the spectrum, coverage and overall efficiency of laboratory testing. The laboratories bring to you by comprehensive services for Screening, Risk assessment, Diagnosis and Targeted Therapy for cancer diseases and infectious disorders.

Padyab Factory

Fundamental Values:

  • Customer trust and respect
  • Quality commitment and confidence
  • Product excellence
  • Continuity of innovation and producing new products
  • Environmental commitment and safety

Fundamental Goal:

Padyab Teb is a manufacturing company with local activity and its main mission is improving disease treatment in order to achieve a better, longer, healthier and more enjoyable life for people at the end.


We try to make a revolution to be the first choice of our customers in the country and region.