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Our Products & Services

Padyab Teb Company is a manufacturing company and supplier of laboratory diagnostic kits, biological and recombinant products, presenting them in 3 categories:

Radioimmunoassay (RIA) - RiaTestRIADiagnostic Kits
Elisa Kits - ezTestELISADiagnostic Kits
Rapid Test - iTestRapid TestDiagnostic Kits
Comprehensive LaboratoryClinicalService
Padyab Teb
Padyab Teb Company was founded with the purpose of research, development, manufacturing and distribution of laboratory kits, biological and recombinant products, cell and tissue products required in health segment of country ... | more


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Main Office: Apt. 8, No. 17, Eastern Shab boo Aly., 1st Eastern St., Saadat Abad Ave, Tehran, Iran.

Telefax: (+9821) 26417197

Factory: Ladan 2 St.,Western Ghazali Blvd., Aboureihan Biruni Blvd., Eshtehard Industrial Estate

Tel: (+9826) 37775531 - 8

Fax: (+9826) 37775529

info [at] padyabteb [.] com